Tricks of Cookie Box Packaging & Assembly

Cookies are items that happen to be irresistible regardless of your age. Sadly, storing macarons or cookies within your home can result in rapid disappearance, as the humble items are unputdownable. Yet, you cannot help but send the lovely homemade or store-bought cookies to your favorite cousin or friend located far away.

You would want to buy cookie boxes online to achieve this objective, especially when you wish to send the items to multiple people at various locations. Opting for a uniform type of packaging will reveal that you are not biased in the least.

cookie boxes

Sure, you would want to select the special cookies, but hey! You can always opt for an assorted medley so that there is something for everyone in the box. While Christmas and New Years are ideal times to send the cookies, you may want to bake and pack heart-shaped cookies for your Valentine too. Birthdays and graduation ceremonies are yet other occasions that match perfectly with cookies and macarons.

The next step is selecting the right cookies. It is always better to mail ones likely to last for long without losing the taste or nutritional value. Some of the cookies that will serve your purpose perfectly are: -

Bar drop or dried fruit cookies are hard and sure to last a long time. Opt for a colorful selection so that you get to pack it in the upright state. A brown virgin Kraft paper box with a full window in the front will do admirably, when you want the recipient to smile in delight.

The best cookie box packaging rules indicate alternating chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread cookies in a festive box crafted of white paper and gold laminated custom lettering. Sure, such boxes will be a trifle costlier than the ordinary white box with no window, but the expense is justified on festive occasions.

Do place cookie boxes wholesale order by all means but do not forget to add a personal touch to each, thus leaving your memories along with the yummy gift. It is advisable to opt for a slider box that looks presentable while not being able to hold more than three at a time. In short, it is economical too!




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